Friday, April 16, 2010

!!!!!!!!FOR FUCKING SALE!!!!!!

Drag Specialties Seat- no rips or cracks. great condition with the exception of the cloth piece missing on the bottom. SOLD.

Drag Specialties Passenger Seat- no rips or cracks. light rust stain on the back from sissybar. it fits against the front seat real nice... however they have two slightlye different stitch patterns. SOLD

Honeycomb/Swisscheese filter cover- just the outer cover. scratched. not show, but a good runner. SOLD

Misfits Clock- Glass. about 14" x 10". needs batteries. (notice its set at 1:38 ). SOLD

Juice Brake w/Mid-Star Hub, Rim, Tire, and Axle set- Everything you need to get your rear end running on juice. Tire has some miles on it but still has some tread left. Bearings are good. All spacers included. Wheel cylinder less than a year old. Brake pads in good condition. SOLD

2-Up Headlight Bracket- Chrome is good. I dont think this has even been used. $15 + shipping

Defiance Cycle Girder- This is a cool girder from the 70's. I believe it is 10" over. I was in the middle of refurbishing this girder but i need to make some room. When i got this, it had the wrong neck welded into the bottom tree. I removed it but the tree needs re-threading. There were also some wrong parts on this thing that i got rid of. The important parts are still there... Legs, bottom & top tree, cross bolts, connecting arms, some of the bushings, and some of the correct cap nuts. The shock is also missing. i think just about any 10" shock can be made to fit. The chrome isn't flaking but it isn't perfect either. The legs are solid flame-cut steel. this fucker is heavy.SOLD

Mini Brake Front Wheel- neat little single side mini brake drum on 18" rim. includes backing plate and pivot. you can get shoes for this from some of the smaller Japanese bikes. The tire is an Avon speedmaster but its a little old and dry rotted. you could run it but i wouldnt take it very far out of town. SOLD

Spool Wheel 18"- Very nice old spool wheel. Cool piece from 70's or 80's. Bearings in good condition. Rim is good too. chrome isnt perfect on rim but is in decent condition. Chrome on the hub is excellent. The tire has small cracks but is still runnable. $100 + shipping

Brass Taillight- This is an old Ford marker light that i converted to run on a dual filament bulb as a brake light. It has a clear lens so i put a red LED bulb in it and it works great. You could put a regular bulb with a red gel cap over it in there instead. SOLD!

Dual Flange Hub- big twin dual flange hub with rotor and 51t sprocket. Bearings are good. SOLD

Shovelhead exhaust- solid. wrapped. NOT chrome underneath. I made these and then painted with muffler paint before i wrapped them. $20 + shipping