Saturday, October 17, 2009

I made it to the border!!!...

And got denied.

Circumstances out of my control determined that canada didn't want me.  So, I've decided to head back to portland and set up shop.  I know... Its kind of anti-climactic... But what can you do?

Its been a great trip and hopefully I can do it again. I appreciate all of the help I received along the way and all of the kind words of encouragement I got from you guys. Thanks for watching!

This isn't the end for me.  I want to do some more traveling in the spring and summer, so stay tuned  

I will continue updates on any changes I make to the bike and any ideas I have about traveling.

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  1. I was gonna warn ya that to enter Canada anymore you just about had to be so squeaky clean and stuff...that it is hardly worth the effort of hitting the boarder anymore. It's always best to contact the area and find out what is required in order to enter the that we can't just drive over like we once did.

  2. What way are you going to take to Potland? I'm on Hwy 101 on the north coast if you need anything.