Thursday, June 3, 2010

101 and Shoreline Hwy

If you ever get a chance to ride down the coast of Oregon and California... Do it... Just don't load your bike so top-heavy that you can't enjoy it. The scenery is beautiful and you will miss it if you have to white knuckle through every little twist and turn.  I did manage to ride next to a fleeing deer for a second.  He thought he could outrun my bike.  And the redwoods are pretty cool if you like big trees and big elk. But nothing beats hitting the coast for the first time and seeing the endless expanse of ocean.  I got to camp close to it a few times and was lucky enough to miss the rain for my whole trip down. 

I'm only writing this because my phone had already died and I couldn't take more pictures.  I will be more prepared on future legs of the trip.

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